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Why Is A Bun Important In Ballet?

  1. Form - A ballet bun helps a dancer with body alignment and balance!

  2. Looks - A bun encourages poise and creates a polished and professional look in class and on stage.

  3. Tradition - A ballet bun respects the classical art form and its standard of discipline.

  4. Safety - A bun keeps hair away from a dancer’s face. Long hair can obscure a dancer’s ability to see and land safely during leaps and turns.

  5. Distraction - A tight bun keeps hair out of a dancer’s sight and mind. Hair issues create distractions and take away from the dancer’s ability to focus.

  6. Execution - A bun allows dancers to execute their movements with precision and grace. For example, spotting is a technique taught to dancers where a dancer must fix the head and eyes toward an object when the body begins to rotate. This technique allows the dancer to control the turn and return the body to the same spot. Spotting is challenging when hair is wrapping around the neck and shoulders or getting in front of the face and eyes.

  7. Dress Code - Every aspect of our dress code is not just a silly rule but serves a purpose. It’s a standard that every professional dance school and company follows. We are proud of the quality of training we provide as a studio and understand that part of training relies on a proper dress code.

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