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Why choose The Dancers' Studio?

The Dancers’ Studio offers professional dance training in a professional facility and caring environment. We realize that it is difficult to know if a dance studio is teaching quality training, so we hope that the following information will be helpful and informational for you while you are choosing a dance studio.

What type of floor do we use?

We have a professional flooring system made of a sprung sub-floor and a Marley top-floor. A sprung floor is extremely important in any dance studio or theater that will be used regularly. Jumping is a major part of dancing, which, if done consistently on a hard floor, can cause long-term physical problems in the hips, knees, shins, ankles, and feet. A sprung sub-floor is made of foam pads and a thin wooden frame under the plywood to allow the floor to give on impact and sink slightly with the dancer as he/she lands from a jump. The Marley top-floor is a vinyl overlay that functions as the actual dance surface, and is not slippery, like wooden floors. This is especially important once dancers reach the advanced level of ballet and are dancing on pointe. The marley floor also keeps dancers from getting any splinters or tripping on floor panels, since the wooden sub-floor is completely covered by marley.

What type of training do we offer?

Proper dance technique is extremely important. Correct technique should be taught from the beginning of a dancer’s training through the advanced level to prevent possible injury from executing dance movements incorrectly. All of our Ballet, Jazz , and Tap classes are taught with the focus of emphasizing classical technique, while still teaching artistry in dance as well as stage presence and poise. Our Hip Hop classes incorporate fun, contemporary dance moves with traditional, common steps. In any style of dancing, it is very important to learn the language of dance, which mainly uses terms in French, and sometimes English. In order to be a successful dancer, you must be able to speak the dance language. Terminology is taught in each of our classes, and is stressed to prepare dancers for opportunities to perform that will come from outside of our dance studio, such as school dance teams, cheerleading, and even professional performance auditions. Many Dancers' Studio alumni have not only received scholarships for top dance college programs but have also had success performing for community and professional theater/dance companies and Disney! 

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