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Thank you for your interest in our 2020 Annual Recital! Our recitals are a wonderful opportunity for students to perform and demonstrate skills learned in class.  This is our biggest event of the year, where students wear gorgeous costumes and perform in a beautiful theater on a real stage! Our recital will be held at West Valley High School on December 19th.  Each class routine will perform in two shows, and each team routine and solo/duo routine will perform in one show. Cast A will perform at 12:00pm, Cast B will perform at 3:00pm, and Cast C will perform at 6:00pm.  


This year’s recital is will be our 16th annual recital since the studio opened in 2004!  We are delighted to have you be a part of this year’s show.  Please see our Recital Costume Book for pictures of costumes and prices for each class. Please know there may be changes to the original costume choice due to costume availability. If there is a change you will be notified. 


The cost of participating in the annual recital is broken down as follows:


$40.00 Recital Participation Fee (Includes Trophy for each student, medal for splits/candlestick club, theater rental)

$35-$90 Costume Purchase (Per routine, each class priced individually)

$30+ Performance Shoes and Tights

$35.00 Recital DVD (Optional Purchase, Price Per Cast)

$24.00 (+ Tax) Recital T-Shirt (Optional Purchase)

$15.00 Per Person Ticket Price for Admission to each Performance, $20 Per Person for Premier Seats (First 3 Rows)

(Please be aware that all recital fees, costumes, and ticket purchases are non-refundable.)


We are constantly working to find ways to keep costs down for our students and families, while still generating enough revenue to cover the cost of putting on our recital each year. Theater rental, sets, theater and studio staff, program and ticket printing, and many other behind-the-scenes expenses make the recital extremely costly to produce.  We hope you understand the need to charge for tickets and a recital fee and appreciate your support and participation.


Costume balances and the Recital Participation Fee must be paid in full by Thursday, September 3rd for costumes to be distributed. Late costumes can be ordered based upon availability with an additional $25.00 rush shipping charge costume. Costumes will arrive around the beginning of November. Please fill out a recital costume order form to place your costume order. If you previously placed an order and would like to change the size, please let our front desk know by August 28th.  At that time we will measure your child so we can be sure to order the proper size costume.


Class attendance is important during this time of year. Students must remain enrolled in their classes through December in order to perform. Instructors will be teaching choreography and cleaning routines during each class.  


The first draft of the cast lists will be posted in September, showing which groups and team routines will perform in each show. The second draft, available in October, will provide the exact order of performance. If you notice a discrepancy in the order, please let us know. We try our best to accommodate students who are in multiple classes. If your child is performing a solo or duo, please fill out a solo/duo request form to let us know if you have a preference regarding which show your child performs his/her solo or duo.  Solo/duo request forms must be turned in to the front desk no later than August 28th when costume balances are due. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your solo requests, but we will do our best to honor your requests.  Also, please keep in mind that if your child is performing multiple solos/duos, we will likely not be able to put all of his/her solo/duo routines in one show, but we certainly will do our very best to accommodate you.

Tickets will be available for purchase Monday, November, 16th. Tickets are $15 each or $20 each for Priority Seating (first three rows). Be sure to check the cast lists before purchasing tickets. An official cast list will be available in October. 


Professional photographers will be coming to our studio in December to take Recital Pictures of our students.  These pictures are available for purchase and are a wonderful keepsake. Please check our monthly newsletter for specific dates and times. Our monthly newsletters are a great way to stay informed about all things recital!

Tech Rehearsal will be held Friday, December 18th, 2020 at the West Valley High School Theater. A Tech Rehearsal schedule will be available in October alongside the Cast Lists. Tech rehearsal is used to give our dancers a chance to get a feel for the stage and practice their routines before the real performance. It also gives our tech crew a chance to set lighting and sound for a big performance. Students will not wear costumes for Tech Rehearsal but will instead wear regular class attire. Costumes should be kept in new condition for the big day!  


We would like to thank you in advance for your support of our studio, and your participation in this wonderful event.  We thank you for allowing us to share the world of performing arts with you and your family and are grateful to be able to continue providing the quality training we have offered since we opened in 2004.  We appreciate your business and are pleased to have you as a part of our studio family.  We look forward to seeing you on stage at the recital!



Victoria Jauregui, Owner/Artistic Director

The Roaring Twenties

Please check the cast lists to see which shows your child's classes will be performing in. Performers are required to perform in all shows they are listed in. 


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