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The Nutcracker 

Our Annual Winter Production



Thank you for your interest in our production of The Nutcracker. Participating in this production is a wonderful opportunity for our students to put their training and technique to use in a fun, entertaining way! This performance opportunity allows students to grow in many areas of dance and performing.


The production of The Nutcracker will run for two and a half months, beginning on Saturday, September 28th, 2019 (Auditions), thru the performances on December 21st, 2019. All rehearsals will be held at The Dancers’ Studio, with the exception of Tech/Dress Rehearsals Monday- Friday, December 16-20, 2019. Tech/Dress Rehearsals and Performances will be held at West Valley High School.  Performances will be on Saturday, December 21st at 12:00pm and 3:00pm. Additional performances may be added depending on casting. We would love to give each of our students as much time on stage to shine. Some roles may be double casted to allow more opportunity to more students. 


All participants, ages 7+ are required to pay a cast fee of $150.00 per student. Participants ages 3-6 who are dancing the role of Ginger Children, are required to pay a cast fee of $120.00.  This cast fee includes rehearsal and performance time, costume rental, and a souvenir Nutcracker Production T-Shirt. This type of professional-quality production requires many hours of time from instructors, office staff, costumers, set designers and producers, as well as a large sum of money to be spent on the theater, backdrops, sets, lighting, costumes, and props. Please understand that your cast fee covers only a small portion of this cost, so we appreciate your understanding in that we cannot put on this show without charging a cast fee. To help with the financing of the cast fee, only half will be due at the time of auditions and the remaining balance will be due October 19th, 2019. If you are interested in a fundraising opportunity to help with the cost of the cast fee, speak to Jenn at the front desk. This year we will be introducing FlipGive, an app that allows you to raise money through the sales of gift cards and accept donations from friends and family interested in supporting your student’s endeavors.   


All dancers are required to be enrolled at The Dancers’ Studio from September thru December.  We are very serious about our student’s technique, and we want to be sure that all dancers are prepared to perform a full length production. Rehearsal time is intended to learn choreography, not to learn basic technique, which is why students need to attend class regularly.  This production is an opportunity to improve performance skills and learn about putting on a full-length production. 


DVDs will be sold of each cast for $35.00 or a downloadable link for $25.00.  In order for our professional videographer to record our shows, we must guarantee a certain number of DVD and link sales.  Please help us by ordering your copy of the show.  Our videographer does a wonderful job and we know the DVD will be a wonderful keepsake for each dancer to remember his/her performance and Nutcracker experience. DVD order forms are available at the front desk.  


3-6 year old dancers do not need to audition (please sign up at the front desk).  They will be cast as Ginger Children. Ages 7+ will need to audition to help us place dancers in the correct roles.


Students need to come to all rehearsals dressed in proper class attire as listed in our dress code. Students may be required to supply a pair of dance shoes and tights for performance, depending on the individual role(s) being played and costuming.


All costuming (with the exception of shoes, tights and undergarments) will be provided by The Dancers’ Studio, a rental that is included in your cast fee.  All costumes must be returned immediately following the final performance on Saturday, December 21st, 2019.  Costumes will be fitted and distributed during the rehearsal process.  Dancers must put your name on every item you bring to the theater, including costumes, tights, make-up kits, and shoes. We do not want anyone to lose any personal items or costume pieces.


Students are to arrive at rehearsals and performances at the scheduled times, with all required materials.  Late dancers will cause interruption, and will have missed important material or rehearsal time.  Please do not be late!  Any conflicts with rehearsals must be listed on your registration form at the time of auditions.  One missed rehearsal is acceptable, but multiple absences will make it difficult for dancers to know their choreography, and dancers may be removed from certain parts of the show if they are not able to attend the rehearsal for that part.  Please be certain you are comfortable with the time commitment before auditioning for the show.


Each performer is encouraged to sell as many tickets as possible for the performances.  Any person who wishes to see the show must purchase a ticket.  Tickets go on sale Monday, November 18th, 2019 at 4:00pm.  Tickets will be sold for $15.00 each, general admission.  Seating will be assigned.  Tickets are final sale, and cannot be refunded, exchanged for another performance, or replaced.  The West Valley High School Theater seats 

250 people, and we would love to have full audiences to support our dancers!  You are not required to sell any specific number of tickets, but we encourage you to invite as many people as possible.  Much of the cost of putting on the production is covered through ticket sales, and without tickets being sold, we can not provide such elaborate sets and costumes each year.  Thank you, in advance, for your help selling tickets!  This timeless classic is a wonderful family show, and we are sure the audiences will love it!


The Cast List will be posted no later than Thursday, October 3rd, 2019 at the Dancers’ Studio and on our studio website. The final rehearsal schedule will be available at that time.  Rehearsals will be scheduled mostly on Saturday mornings/afternoons and occasional Sunday afternoons for dancers with lead roles and the full cast as we get closer to the performance date. Younger dancers can expect to have less required rehearsals than older dancers. Please keep in mind that dancers with lead roles may require extra rehearsals regardless of age.   


We are looking forward to working with you in The Nutcracker, and are confident that you will have a great experience with this production. Thank you for your support of the arts, and your interest in participating in this wonderful production!



Break a leg at auditions!


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