Your safety is our priority...


Dear TDS Families,

    Your health and safety remains a priority to us while the COVID virus is still an inherent risk. We are constantly working towards finding solutions that will support our students opportunity to keep dancing in-person while maintaining a safe environment. We want to thank you for remaining patient and nimble while we make adjustments. 


What we’re doing at the studio:

  • Daily sanitizing of frequently touched surfaces. (Barres, counters, door handles, floors, etc.)

  • Social distancing in classes and lobby.

  • Weekly deep cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Separate entrances and exits for our students and lobby guests.

  • Students and lobby guests may enter through front doors. When class is over students and lobby guests will exit through the back studio doors. Only studio 4 classes may exit through front doors. This will help us minimize cross traffic. 

  • Students should bring ALL of their belongings with them into class to avoid walking back into lobby or student lounge. Students in multiple classes on the same night may continue using student lounge but must practice social distancing. 


What you can do to help:

  • At this time, we are not requiring students to wear masks while in class due to the nature of dance. We will, however, enforce social distancing to the best of our abilities within the studio. Mask wearing will be left to the discretion of each parent. Please know that the CDC strongly suggests that masks should be worn indoors.

  • Help us limit the amount of guests within the lobby. 

  • Not feeling well? Whether it is a student or member within your household, stay home and rest. Give us a call so we can schedule a make up class for you. 


Been exposed to COVID? (Protocols below are suggested by the CDC and local recommendations)


Not Vaccinated -

  1. Please stay home for at least 10 days and watch for symptoms.

  2. Get tested at least 5 days after being exposed. Two tests are recommended within the ten day window. 

  3. Wait for negative result before returning.


Vaccinated -

  1. Must wear masks indoors for 10 days and watch for symptoms.

  2. Get tested at least 5 days after being exposed. Two tests are recommended within the first 10 days after being exposed. 

  3. If symptoms arise or you receive positive test results, please stay home for at least ten days from which symptoms began or you received the positive result.

  4. Wait for negative result before returning. 

Please know that in the event that you are exposed to COVID, we will adjust tuition for the time that you are unable to come to class. 


On behalf of The Dancers’ Studio Family, we thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we navigate through the changing requirements and recommendations. We hope you are pleased with our efforts and welcome your feedback. 


Thank you,

Victoria Jauregui

Director, The Dancers’ Studio




If you have any questions or concerns please email

Thank You!